Forged Knives

Hand-forged steel striker-knife #1.1 Hand-forged steel striker-knife #1.1
We are happy to offer you a new model of steel strikers – the knife-steel striker. This model could be used not only as a common steel striker, but also as a small...
US $60.00
Hand-forged steel striker-knife #1.2 Hand-forged steel striker-knife #1.2
The knife-steel striker №1.2 has a decorated leather sheath with it, so it looks like medieval accessory. The knife in such sheath will be nice with both tourist clothes...
US $75.00

Forged hand-made knifes-steel strikers

We are happy to offer you a series of original works that combine the functions of a knife and a steel striker. Forged knifes-steel strikers will be useful in a camping trip, in hunting, fishing, in a forest walk or a picnic. The unusual conventionalized shape will attract attention of collectors of rarities. Strong material and usability will please those who love things of high quality.

Knifes-fire steels are made with the help of blacksmith’s work. This ancient technology is actual today. Forged works are remarkable for its strength, longevity and unique design. You can make a lot of different things with the help of a knife-steel striker. For example, you can make chips for the fire, cut the fish or game, peel mushrooms, and prepare the food in the wild. And surely you can use it for yielding the fire by striking sparks, like our forefathers did.

The knifes are on sale with the uncommon and easy-to-use sheath. The knife-steel striker will be an excellent present for a man. Hunters, fishers, tourists and amateurs of “the third hunt" (mushroomers) will love such a union of a knife and a steel striker. Collectors will be glad to have such a brutal thing. Participants of historical reconstructions and bushcraft-followers also wouldn’t mind to have a hand-made knife-steel striker.

Several types of knife-steel strikers are on sale in our Saint-Petersburg Internet shop. Now every man can take a steel striker in a hand and to feel its weight, to sense the history and the spirit of ancestors, and to become closer to the nature.