Steel Striker Kit #2

Flint & Steel Striker - Kit #2


This kit is the most popular it the row of our fire making kits. It is packed into thick embroidered flax pouch. Kit components are:

- steel striker 3"

- can tinder box with char cloth

- piece of a flint

- jute twine bundle

In contrast to Kit #1, this steel striker is longer, more comfortable for your hand and easier to use.

A piece of flint in the kit is also bigger, so you can split the stone to get several stones of the smaller size with new sharp edges. The pouch is tied with a brown leather or cotton cord. The cord, which is not sewed to the sack, could be changed or temporary used for other purposes in a camping trip. The pouch itself is rather roomy to replenish this kit with additional jute twine, pieces of natural tinder or additional steel striker and a flint stone.

Detailed step by step manual with link to video guide is included in the kit. 


Kit #2 featuring video


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