Steel Striker Kit #3

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Flint & Steel Striker - Kit #3


This kit will let you not only make the fire in an ancient and very traditional way, but to make it leisurely and beautifully.

The pouch is sewed after the old samples. It turns into a small round cloth which could be put on a stump, a stone or just grass to display and prepare on it everything you need for making the fire. When you pull a special leather or cotton cord, the cloth will be transformed into a sack protecting kit components from wind and rain.

Kit #3 has a big (3") twisted steel striker shaped as the tongues of flame.

In addition to sophisticated and uncommon steel striker, this kit has two jute twine bundles, and a big flint stone. Kit components are:


- twisted steel striker 3"

- can tinder box with char cloth

- big piece of a flint

- two jute twine bundles


Kit #3 featuring video


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