Steel Striker Kit #6

Flint & Steel Striker - Kit #6


We created Kit #6 for people interested in the period of the Middle Ages. It is made of leather in the shape of the capacious bag, which could be tightened. It also has a valve, which protects a bag and its contents from mechanical damages. You can either use special leather small strap-string-course to carry your bag on your shoulder or put in on the lap belt. The cut of the bag let you obtain admittance to all the contents without taking it all out. It is especially convenient in the case of rain, wind or in winter.

Kit components are:

- steel striker 3"

- can tinder box with char cloth

- tree pieces of a flint stone

- two jute twine bundles

Detailed step by step manual with link to video guide is included in the kit. 


Kit #6 featuring video


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