Steel Striker Kit #8.1

Kit #8.1 

The series of camp-fire kits №8 is packed into capacious and compact leather pouches, which could be tightened with leather laces. The design of the pouch lets you both take all the contents immediately and to close it by pulling the threaded laces. Such a design peculiarity of the pouch makes it one of the most functional variant of the packing of camp-fire kits.

These beautifully cut and sewed pouches repeat medieval leather pouches and purses, that were very popular.

You can choose the colour for the camp-fire kits #8:

- Kit #8.1 - beige

- Kit #8.2 - brown

- Kit #8.3 - black

The camp-fire kit #8.1 components are:

- steel striker 3" on a small leather strap

- can tinder box with char cloth

- tree pieces of a flint stone

- two jute twine bundles

Detailed step by step manual with link to video guide is included in the kit.


Such a set will be a good present both for a man and a woman, it will be a nice addition for contemporary camp trip equipment or medieval attributes of a reconstructor and reenactor. Such Kit is a wonderful gift for any holiday for hunt and fishing amateurs and everybody who likes to be in the wild.

Kit #8.1 featuring video

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