1. How many times it is possible to light a fire with the fire kit?

You need a punky piece of tinder and kindling to make the fire. Every fire set consists of a tinderbox with 30 pieces of char cloth (black rectangles of burnt material) and a jute twine (or two ones). The kindling is prepared of a jute twine. The smallest twine (Set №1 and №7) will be sufficient for 8-10 times. In the case of a camping trip you can change a jute twine with dry moss, grass, needles or other nature materials. You can also use linen (fiber) as kindling. Linen is easily to find in household or plumbing shops.

2. How to prepare tinder with the cloth?

You can prepare the tinder on your own with the help of nature cloth and oxygen-free baking. You can take cotton or linen cloth (or even jean cloth). Firstly, cut the cloth and make thin bands, then put it into a tinderbox (you will find it in the set), next put the closed tight box on a gas-jet. Oxygen-free baking will be accompanied with acrid smoke (wood gas), this is why it is necessary to prepare a tinder outdoors. When the tinderbox stops smoking, take it out of the fire or turn off a gas-jet, then wait until the tinderbox is completely cold. A new portion of tinder is ready!

3. How long a steel striker and a flint will serve?

When you strike a flint with a steel striker, the sharp edge of the flint stone chips the particles of metal, which turn into sparks (the spark is the particle of the scorching metal). If you use a steel striker every day for several years, the blade will blunt (as well as the knife blade will).

The sharp edges of the flint stone blunt through the time too. In spite of this fact, you can use it, but you have to strike a flint with more strength. You can also split a flint stone. Because of the peculiarities of crystal lattice, the stone will have new sharp edges that will be comfortable for striking sparks. The size of the stone does not matter, because you need only sharp edges to strike the flint. Archaeologies usually find pieces of stones with steel strikers, and these flints are sometimes small like coins, much smaller than flints in our sets.

You are very welcome to ask your question is you have any. We will be most happy to answer it.

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